CARES is an interdisciplinary research hub

with a mission to create inspiring and

innovative robotic technologies that

improve societal wellbeing



Excellence – We deliver high impact and internationally-renowned robotics research and technologies.

Impact – We are changing the world by providing innovative and effective solutions to challenges in healthcare, manufacturing, primary industries, education, service industries and fundamental science.

Broad capabilities – Our highly talented and diverse team have experience across the field of robotics and automation, including in the areas of human robot interaction, artificial intelligence, digital realities, robot software, sensing, speech, navigation, and hardware technologies.

Interdisciplinary – Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers, health practitioners, gerontologists, psychologists and computer scientists are highly collaborative throughout all stages of research.

Global partnerships – Based at New Zealand’s leading university, we have access to the largest research commercialisation company of its kind in Australasia, UniServices, and have established commercial and research partnerships across the globe.

Ideal test bed – Operating within New Zealand, we take advantage of the unique opportunities of a small and heterogenous market with an accessible regulatory framework – this makes us an ideal test bed for new technologies.  (The NZ public sector was also ranked least corrupt on the planet in the 2016 Corruption Perception Index!)

User centric – We consistently involve end users and stakeholders in the design and development of solutions and have ready access to industry, clinical experts and patients for user trials and test facilities.

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Latest News

New Dexterity wins international prize at Hackaday

New Dexterity wins international prize at Hackaday

The New Dexterity Group won the Assistive Devices open challenge of the 2020 Hackaday Prize with their wearable, soft robotic exoskeleton gloves! The Hackaday Prize is an international competition organized by SupplyFrame and sponsored by many organizations,...

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Robotics to help with fruit picker shortage

Robotics to help with fruit picker shortage

Professor Bruce MacDonald talks to RNZ around improved technologies to help solve the seasonal worker shortage in NZ’s horticultural sector. Listen to the episode of RNZ podcast:

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