Work by Xun Xu


Example from Xun Xu: Robot-Assisted RP system utilising the ASEA+KUKA robotic arms for improving manufacturing speed, accuracy and flexibility. Tested the system by producing a 1:32 scale Blackbird SR-71 aircraft model.  Robot cuts the shape of the model from a block of polystyrene using a hotwire cutting tool by following a series of tool paths. ASEA, KUKA and the tool paths are setup relative to the same co-ordinate reference frame. Existing tool-path generation software has been further developed for a new co-ordinate reference frame and faster RP speed.

Work by Xun Xu: Computer Integrated Manufacturing, (CAD/CAPP/CAM),  Feature recognition+Feature-Based Design. Product Life Cycle Assessment, Product Data Management, Product Lifecycle Management and Product Lifecycle Costing . Computerising engineering documents; Computer graphics;  GUI development. Manufacturing techniques; Machinability; Metal cutting  theory and tool design