By 2030, we will be the world-leading robotics research centre in developing robotic technologies that deliver benefits to society



Research, inspire and create innovative solutions that improve societal wellbeing


  • Inspire and conduct interdisciplinary, fundamental and applied research in automation and robotic technologies that benefit society, including physical, social, psychological and economic well-being. Demonstrate the benefits scientifically;
  • Generate sustainable concrete and robust funding streams for and from basic research through to commercialization;
  • Develop sustainable partnerships with excellent world-class private and public sector partners;
  • Attract outstanding local, national and global talent;
  • Retain and develop our talent through creating an environment of innovation, collaboration, opportunity and openness that fosters and values everyone’s contributions;
  • Engage with stakeholders including end users for design, development, evaluation and translation of our technologies;
  • Develop a diverse cluster of real-world test facilities with partners for technology evaluation;
  • Promote widespread adoption by creating strategies and networks to increase the uptake of our technology – including cost benefit models and open source models; and
  • Excellence in dissemination of research: Impact, Quality, Quantity, Diversity.


By integrating research and commercial interests, CARES creates a high functioning interdisciplinary team. Our skills encompass pure and applied sciences across robotics, electrical engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, software engineering and computer science along with healthcare disciplines such as general practice and primary care, gerontology, nursing, pharmacy, health psychology, with expertise in user trials.


CARES has secured domestic and international recognition for our collective strengths in Human-Robot interaction, robotics end-user programming and our interdisciplinary approach to research which is driven by a user-centric focus on applying robotic systems in the healthcare, home, industrial, educational and agricultural environments. Our strengths include:

  • Human Robot Interaction – virtual reality, augmented reality, simulation, visualization, acceptance testing of robots
  • Artificial Intelligence – machine learning, reasoning and problem solving, perception and cognition, language processing, robot emotions, planning
  • Software & Algorithms – framework architecture, software development, sensing, autonomous navigation, speech generation, testing, control
  • Robotic and Automation Hardware – robotic platforms, automated machines, sensors, soft arm, bio-inspired, humanoids, autonomous land vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles

CARES research is constantly evolving and our research capabilities are expanding. If you have an area of interest or would like to partner on a project in an area not listed above please contact us for further information.


  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Primary industries and agriculture
  • Service industries
  • Manufacturing and industry
  • Education
  • Fundamental science

CARES research is transforming industry and society in a myriad of positive ways.  To find out more about how we can provide robotic solutions to your greatest challenges in either the fields above or other domains please contact us for further information.

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