Work by Bruce MacDonald, Elizabeth Broadbent, Ngaire Kerse, Kathy Peri, Catherine Watson, Ho Seok Ahn


Vital Signs and Situational, Domestic Safety and Security


Memory Assistance, Social (Email and Phone)


Detect falls

The Healthbots project is a large scale project with around 22 researchers working on various aspects of the healthbot platform.

The robots are from Yujin Robot (South Korea), while the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea) integrated components and developed software to support healthcare systems for monitoring health status (and potentially safety in the environment), assistance (such as reminding to take medication) and detecting possible falls. Field trials were carried out in New Zealand to determine the acceptability and effectiveness of the robot system (Charlie and iRobi). Currently the technology is undergoing additional field trials in realistic environments and commercialization.

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