1-2 & 8-10 October 2018

902-402, Newmarket campus, The University of Auckland

Competition Division

    Junior A (Lower Primary School): Year 1 – 3

    Junior B (Upper Primary School): Year 4 – 6

    Challenge A (Intermediate School): Year 7 – 9

    * Junior students can bring books or notes for the competition.


Competition Dates and Category

Junior group (Junior A & B): 1-2 October, 2018

    Day 1 (Jul 8): Battle Cube & Line Tracer

    Day 2 (Jul 9): Creative Robot 

Challenge group (Challenge A & B): 8-10 October, 2018

    Day 3 (Oct 8): Battle Cube & Line Tracer

    Day 4 (Oct 9): Creative Robot

    Day 5 (Oct 10): Robot Soccer

    * Allowed to use ROBOROBO kit only except Robot Soccer

    * Can participate to the pre-registered categories only (cannot register during the competition period)

    * Can select both categories for Day 1 and 4 if you can submit a completed robot for each category

    * Only the ones who submit the completed robot within given time can go to the final round 



    Certificate to Top 3 of each division & each category

    Certificate to the Finalists of each category

    Top ranked students get the opportunity to compete in International Robot Olympiad, represent to NZ 



    ELIGIBILITY : Open to all students


    APPLICATION DEADLINE : 5 August 2018




Competition rules and schedule

    All participants should read and understand the competition rule before the competition days.

    See the brochure includes rules for each game. Also the competition schedule is in the brochure.

    – Download rules and schedule here: NZRO_Brochure_A4 


NZ Robot Olympiad Association

CILab (Creative Imagination Laboratory)



The University of Auckland

CILab (Creative Imagination Laboratory)

CARES (Centre for Automation and Robotic Engineering Science)

IEEE New Zealand, Robotics and Automation Joint Society


IROC (Intenational Robot Olympiad Committee)


Previous Competitions

NZ Robot Olympiad 2017

NZRO 2018 Winners

Battle Cube – Junior A
– Gold: Claire Lee​ (Takapuna Primary School)
 Silver: Aidan Chan​ (Westminster Christian School)
– Bronze: Nathan Zheng​ (Cockle Bay School)

Battle Cube – Junior B
– Gold: Young Min Ko​ (Newmarket Primary School)
– Silver: Paul Choi​ (Milford Primary School)
– Bronze: Jung Woo Kim​ (Albany Primary School)

Battle Cube – Challenge A
– Gold: Alvin Kim​ (Westlake Boys’ High School)
– Silver: David Choi​ (Ponsonby Intermediate School)
​– Bronze: Kevin Guo​ (Pinehurst School)

Battle Cube – Challenge B
– Gold: Logan Cho​ (Pinehurst School)
– Silver: Steven Tanjoo Park​ (Auckland Grammar School)
– Bronze: Jae Kim​ (Westlake Boys’ High School)

Line Tracer – Junior A
– Gold: Ella Jihyeon Ahn (Forrest Hill Primary School)
– Silver: Zoe Seohyeon Ahn (Forrest Hill Primary School)
– Bronze: Ronald Peng (Willow Park Primary School​)​, John Back (Forrest Hill Primary School)

Line Tracer – Junior B
– Gold: Young Min Ko​ (Newmarket Primary School)
– Silver: Sihu An​ (Murrays Bay School)
– Bronze: Hyun Joon Lee​ (Murrays Bay School​)​ / Joohan Back (Forrest Hill Primary School)

Line Tracer – Challenge A
– Gold: Brian Wang​ (Murrays Bay Intermediate)
– Silver: Seung Min Max Lee​ (Kingsway School)
– Bronze: Robert Han​ (Westlake Boys’ High School)

Line Tracer – Challenge B
– Gold: Steven Tanjoo Park​ (Auckland Grammar School)
– Silver: Peter Cheong​ (Kings College)
– Bronze: Logan Cho​ (Pinehurst School)

Creative Robot – Junior A
– Gold: Ella Jihyeon Ahn (Forrest Hill Primary School)​ & Claire Lee​ (Takapuna Primary School)
– Silver: Yan Lin Wu​ (Silverdale School) & Joshua Zhang​ (Greenhithe School)
– Bronze: Zachary Dong​ (Westminster Christian School) & Aidan Chan​ (Westminster Christian School)

Creative Robot – Junior B
– Gold: Young Min Ko​ (Newmarket Primary School)​ & Justin Woo​ (Sherwood Primary School)
– Silver: Charles Shen​ (Pinehurst School) & Allen Weng​ (Pinehurst School)
– Bronze: Michael Yang (Hauriki Primary School​) & Beilin Zhang​ (Sunnybrae Normal School)

Creative Robot – Challenge A
– Gold: Hyun Seo Lee​ (Kristin School)​ & Joel Lee​ (Rosmini College)
– Silver: Brian Wang (Rangitoto College) & Kevin Guo (Pinehurst)
– Bronze: Eun Cheol Jeong​ (Takapuna Normal Intermediate School) & Sam Junsu Park (Albany Junior High School)

Creative Robot – Challenge B
– Gold: Minwoo Lee​ (Rangitoto College) & Hye Lin Kang​ (Rangitoto College)
Gold: Peter Cheong​ (Kings College)​ & Joey Sehan Back  (Rangitoto College)
– Bronze: Logan Cho ​(Pinehurst School)​ & Jae Kim​ (Westlake Boys’ High School)

Robot Soccer – open 
– Gold: Logan Cho ​(Pinehurst School)​ / Hye Lin Kang​ (Rangitoto College) ​/ Junyoung Park​ (Murrays Bay Intermediate) / Jungwoon Choi​ (Murrays Bay Intermediate)
– Silver: Joey Sehan Back  (Rangitoto College​)​​ / Daniel Shin (Kings College​) / Alvin Kim​ (Westlake Boys’ High School) / Steven Tanjoo Park​ (Auckland Grammar School)
– Bronze: Peter Cheong​ (Kings College)​ ​/ Hyun Seo Lee​ (Kristin School)​ ​/ Seokhyun An (Rangitoto College) ​/ Joshua Choi​ (Westlake Boys’ High School)



IRO 2018 Winners

Creative Robot – Junior 
– Gold: Young Min Ko (Newmarket Primary School​) / ​Jaeheon Woo (Sherwood Primary School​) / Ji Hyeon Ahn (Forrest Hill Primary School)
Tech: Joshua Zhang (Greenhithe School​) / ​Yan Lin Wu (Silverdale School​)​ / Ronald Peng ​(Willow Park Primary School​)
Tech: ​Edward Raymond Gottschen (Kristin School) / ​​Lige Pang (Kristin School) / ​​Zachary Dong (Westminster Christan School)
Tech: ​​Junsu Park (Albany Junior High School) / ​Euncheol Jeong​ (Takapuna Normal Intermediate School​) / Yoonseo Lee (Takapuna Primary School)
Tech: ​Sejong Park (Campbells Bay School​)​ / ​SeungMin Lee ​(Kingsway School​)
Highly commended award: Seo Hyeon Ahn (Forrest Hill Primary School) / ​Heon Choi (Milford Primary School) / Sihu An (Murrays Bay School)
Highly commended award: ​Beilin Zhang (Sunnybrae Normal School​) / ​Botianci Yang (Hauriki Primary School)

Creative Robot – Challenge 
– Gold: Joey Sehan Back (Rangitoto College​)​ / ​Daniel Sunghyun Shin ​(Kings College​) / ​Logan Yongyeon Cho ​(Pinehurst School)
– Silver: Minwoo Lee (Rangitoto College​) ​/​ Seokhyun Ahn (Rangitoto College​)​​ /​ ​Hye Lin Kang​​ (Rangitoto College​)​ ​
– Silver: Peter Cheong (Kings College​) ​/ Hyun Seo Lee (Kristin School​​)

Robot in Movie – Junior 
– Silver: Euncheol Jeong​ (Takapuna Normal Intermediate School​) / ​Junsu Park ​(Albany Junior High School​)
​– Bronze: Beilin Zhang (Sunnybrae Normal School​) / Botianci Yang (Hauriki Primary School​)
​– Highly commended award: Sihu An​ (Murrays Bay School​) ​/ ​Heon Choi​ (Milford Primary School​)

Robot in Movie – Challenge 
– Silver: Joey Sehan Back (Rangitoto College​)​ / ​Daniel Sunghyun Shin ​(Kings College​)