July 12 – 19 2021

405-222/236/240/470, City campus, The University of Auckland

Competition Division

    Junior A (Lower Primary School): Year 1 – 3

    Junior B (Upper Primary School): Year 4 – 6

    Challenge A (Intermediate School): Year 7 – 9

    Challenge B (High School): Year 10 – 13

    * Junior students can bring books or notes for the competition.



Competition Dates and Category

    Day 1 (July 12, Mon): Junior Individuals (Battle Cube/Battle Soccer & Line Tracer)

    Day 2 (July 13, Tue): Senior Individuals (Battle Cube/Battle Soccer & Line Tracer)

    Day 3 (July 14, Wed): Junior/Senior Creative Robot

    Day 4 (July 15, Thu): Junior/Senior Cyber Robot

    Day 5 (July 16, Fri): Junior/Senior Robot in Movie

    Day 6 (July 19, Mon): Robot Soccer

    * Allowed to use ROBOROBO kit only except Robot Soccer.

    * Can participate to the pre-registered categories only (cannot register during the competition period).

    * Junior A can select only Battle Cube, not Battle Soccer

    * Junior B and Challenge A can select ONLY one of Battle Cube and Battle Soccer (cannot select both of them).
       The category, which does not have enough students, can be cancelled. 

    * Challenge B can select both Battle Soccer and Battle Cube, but Battle Cube is a pair game. 

    * Can participate to Line Tracer regardless of participating to Battle Cube and Battle Soccer. 

    * For Creative Robot, Robot in Movie, and Cyber Robot, one team can have max 3 members,
       but Challenge B can have max 2 members as a team. 

    * For Robot Soccer, one team can have max 3 members. 

    * Only the participants who submit their completed robots within the given time can go to the final round.

    * Cannot take your robots back on Day 3 and 4 if you participate to the next day competitions.
       If you take your robot out from the competition venue, you should dismantle it for re-entering and re-make it during the given time.

    * Lunch and drinks should be prepared by students. 



    8:00 – 8:30: Registration / Entry check

    8:30 – 9:00: Safety induction / Kit check

    9:00 – 13:00: First round

    13:00 – 13:30: Lunch

    13:30 – ? : Final round

     Award ceremony is scheduled on the next week of the competition (TBA). 


    Certificate to Top 3 of each division & each category

    Certificate to the Finalists of each category

    Top ranked students get the opportunity to compete in the International Robot Olympiad, represent to NZ (if we have it)

    The International Robot Olympiad 2021 will be held in Korea (mid-December 2021)



    ELIGIBILITY : Open to all students who are officially registered to the schools in NZ







    NZ Robot Olympiad Association

    CILab (Creative Imagination Laboratory)


Sponsors (TBA)

    The University of Auckland

    CILab (Creative Imagination Laboratory)

    CARES (Centre for Automation and Robotic Engineering Science)

    Coding Lab

    Sunny Chae, Barfoot&Thompson

    Hi Well Charitable Foundation 

    Future Insurance & Mortgage

    IEEE New Zealand North Chapter

    IEEE New Zealand, Robotics and Automation Joint Society


    IROC (International Robot Olympiad Committee)

Competition rules and schedule (TBA)

    All participants should read and understand the competition rule before the competition days.

    See the brochure includes rules for each game. Also the competition schedule is in the brochure.

    Download rules and schedule here: NZRO_Brochure_A4_2019