Work by Burkhard Wuensch

3D Modelling from Photos and Videos

3D models are constructed using image sequences acquired by a low-cost handheld digital camera. In contrast to alternative technologies, such as laser scanners, structured lighting, and sets of calibrated cameras, this approach can be used by everyone who has access to a consumer-level camera. The user only has to create a set of images or video stream from different view directions, input them into the algorithm, and a 3D model is returned.

3D Prototyping using Sketch Input

Lifesketch is a framework for rapid prototyping using sketched-based modeling and animation. The design of animated 3D objects and scenes is an essential task for many applications in science, engineering, education, medicine and arts. In many instances only an approximate representation is required and a simple and intuitive modeling and animation process, suitable for untrained users, is more important than realism and extensive features. The existing prototype contains tools for sketching 3D terrains, characters, buildings, vegetation, and water bodies.