Our people


Waleed Abdulla
Associate Professor
Speech Processing


Ho Seok Ahn
Senior Lecturer



Iain Anderson
Associate Professor



Elizabeth Broadbent
Psychological Medicine


Grant Covic
Systems and control


Patrice Delmas
Associate Professor
Image Processing


Georgy Gimel’farb
Software Engineering


John Hosking
Software Engineering


Ngaire Kerse
Population Health


Minas Liarokapis
Senior Lecturer
Mechanical Engineering


Bruce MacDonald


Nataly Martini
Senior Lecturer


Andrew John McDaid
Associate Professor


Michael Neve
Senior Lecturer
Electromagnetic Propagation


Kathy Peri
Senior Lecturer


Partha Roop
Senior Lecturer
Embedded Systems


Karl Stol
Senior Lecturer

Kevin Wang
Senior Lecturer
Embedded Systems

Craig Sutherland
Professional Teaching Fellow

Sarah Ward
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Mechanical Engineering

Catherine Watson
Associate Professor
Speech Processing

Henry Williams
Research Fellow

Burkhard Wuensche
Senior Lecturer
Software Engineering

Peter Xu

Xun Xu

Fung Yang
Technical Engineer (Research/Design)

Mahla Nejati
Research Fellow

Trevor Gee
Research Fellow


Emma Dawson
Research Centre Manager
Engineering Research Support

JongYoon Lim
Senior Research Engineer
Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering

David Smith
Research Engineer
Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering

Shobha Herle
Senior Research Programme Coordinator
Engineering Research Support

Analeise Murahidy
Director Strategic Growth – Engineering, Science & ABI

Luke Spencer
Business Development Manager

Pau Medrano-Gracia
Director of Commercialisation

Kent Lee
Senior Commercialisation Manager

  • Hoda Yamani
  • Briony Forsberg
  • Ans Qureshi
  • David Valencia
  • Stephen Bier (2015 –)
  • Nethra Ganesh (2016 – present)
  • Mahla Nejati
  • Li Tian
  • Parag Jitendra Tarwadi
  • Jeremie Bannwarth
  • James Kutia
  • Daniel De Mel
  • Mikaela Law
  • Loke Cheong (2017-2019)
  • Yuxuan Hu
  • Debbie Johanson
  • Lindsay Alexander Shaw
  • L. Xie
  • Z.C. Deng
  • C. Cheng
  • Tiago Andrade Mota
  • Anna Maria Joseph
  • Rocio Gomez
  • H. Chen
  • A.B. Din
  • A. B. Hashem
  • D. Yu
  • S. Mostashiri
  • D. Bhattacharya
  • B. X. Chen
  • Z. X. Chen
  • Jalil Shahabi (2018 – present)
  • Nastaran Saffaryazdi (2018 – present)

Masters students

Itay Bin Dom
2015 – present

Eddie Hwang
Research Assistant
2017 – present

Undegraduate students/research assistants

Jack Barker
2015 – present

Seung Ho (Brian) Lee
2016 – present

Nick Rew
2016 – present


Jamie Bell
Research Fellow

Christopher Lee
Research Engineer
Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering

Soriya Em
Research Centre Manager, CARES
2016 – 2020

Maheshi Wadasinghe
Senior Research Programme Coordinator
2018 – 2020

Mohan Sridharan
Senior Lecturer

Mark Burgess
Director, IIB and Agritech Programme
2014 – 2017

Dhanish Semar
Management Consultant
2014 – 2015

Natasha Myers
Research Programme Manager, CARES
2017 – 2018

Angela Simpson
Project Manager
2015 – 2016

Allyn Sims
Project Manager, Orchard Robotics Project
2017 – 2017

Anjali Tyagi
Project Coordinator
2015 – 2016

Jiao Xie
Project Coordinator
2012 – 2015

Ted Chen
Software Engineer
2014 – 2015

Byeong Kyu Ahn
Software Engineer, Robotics
2017 – 2018

Hammond Pearce
Part-time Programmer
2014 – 2016

Jasmine Cashbaugh
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
2015 – 2016

Faisal Dayani
Masters Student
2016 – 2018

Huansheng Liu
Masters student
2014 – 2015

Sheng Zhang
Masters Student
2016 – 2018

Lukas Vogel
Visiting Masters Student (from Germany)
2017 – 2018

Nicky Penhall
Undergraduate Student/ Research Assistant
2015 – 2018

Nick Waddington
Undergraduate Student/ Research Assistant
2015 – 2018

Elynna Yang
Undergraduate student
2015 – 2016



Professor Bruce MacDonald

Deputy Directors

Dr Ho Seok Ahn and A. Prof. Elizabeth Broadbent

Research Centre Manager

Emma Dawson

The group is led by Professor Bruce MacDonald. His philosophy is one of recognising the value of collaboration across the breadth of the sciences by creating and leading multi-disciplinary teams with global links. He is currently the Deputy Director for the Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge and Principal Investigator for the Ministry of Science and Innovation’s International Investment Opportunities Fund (IIOF) HealthBots project (NZ$1.8m), and also leads the University of Auckland’s team developing the sensing systems for outdoor navigation robots as part of the ‘Multipurpose Orchard Robotics’ project, a four year collaboration between Robotics Plus Ltd, University of Auckland, University of Waikato and Plant and Food Research aiming to automate the harvesting and pollination of kiwifruit and apples. The team successfully secured a mix of public and private investment, including $7.6M grant from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).  Professor MacDonald also manages the University’s Robotics and Healthcare Robotics Labs and is the research Theme Leader for Health Technology in Engineering.



 Prof. Bruce MacDonald (ECSE); Dr. Ho Seok Ahn (ECSE); A. Prof. Liz Broadbent (PSYMED); JongYoon Lim

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Prof. Bruce MacDonald (ECSE); Dr. Ho Seok Ahn (ECSE); A. Prof. Liz Broadbent (PSYMED); Prof. Ngaire Kerse(Population Health); Dr. Kathy Peri (Nursing)


Prof. Bruce MacDonald (ECSE); Dr. Ho Seok Ahn (ECSE); A. Prof. Liz Broadbent (PSYMED); Prof. Ngaire Kerse(Population Health); Dr. Kathy Peri (Nursing); Dr. Catherine Watson (ECSE); JongYoon Lim, Christopher Lee

Evaluating Robots in Healthcare

A. Prof. Liz Broadbent (PSYMED); Prof. Ngaire Kerse(Population Health)

Companion Robot – Paro

A. Prof. Elizabeth Broadbent (PSYMED); Prof. Ngaire Kerse(Population Health); Prof. Bruce MacDonald (ECSE); Dr. Ho Seok Ahn (ECSE)

Mechatronics Technologies

Dr Shane Xie, Dr Peter Xu & Dr Xun Xu (Mechanical Engineering – ME)

Multi-body Dynamic Simulation

Dr Karl Stol (ME), Dr Shane Xie (ME)

Virtual Reality Simulations

Dr Bruce MacDonald (ECSE), Dr Burkhard Wuensche (CS)

Robotics in Cognitive Manufacturing Systems

Dr Xun Xu (ME)

Medical Device Design

Dr Shane Xie – ME

Robotic Devices for Interfacing Living cells

Dr Iain Anderson (Biomimetics Lab, ABI)

Robotic Applications for Artificial Muscles

Dr Iain Anderson (ES)

Robotic Soft Arm

Dr. Ho Seok Ahn (ECSE); Prof. Bruce MacDonald (ECSE);

Intelligent 3d Vision Systems

Dr Georgy Gimel’farb (CS), Dr Patrice Delmas (CS)


Dr Patrice Delmas (CS), Dr Burkhard Wuensche (CS)

Intelligent Embedded Systems Control

Dr Partha Roop (ECSE)

Visual Programming

Professor John Hosking (CS), Dr Bruce MacDonald (ECSE), Dr Georgy Gimel’farb (CS), Dr Patrice Delmas (CS)

Stability and Path Tracking

Dr Karl Stol (ME)

Path Following and Safety

Prof. Bruce MacDonald (ECSE); Dr. Jamie Bell (ECSE)

Speech Production and Recognition, Signal Processing

Dr Waleed Abdulla (ECSE), Dr Catherine Watson (ECSE)

Psychological Perceptions

Dr Elizabeth Broadbent (Psychological Medicine – PSYMED)

Healthcare Application and Integration

Dr Shane Xie (ME), Professor Ngaire Kerse (General Practice   and Primary Care – GPPC)

Computer Programme Novel User Interfaces

Professor John Hosking (CSI), Dr Bruce MacDonald (ECSE), Dr Burkhard Wuensche (CS)

Social Robot

Dr. Ho Seok Ahn (ECSE); JongYoon Lim (ECSE)

Emotion System

Dr. Ho Seok Ahn (ECSE);



Power Electronics

Dr Grant Covic (Electrical and Computer Engineering – ECSE)

Wireless Communication Networks

Dr Michael Neve (ECSE)

Wireless Charging

Dr Grant Covic (ECSE)

Computer Programmes

Professor John Hosking (Computer Science – CS),  Dr Bruce MacDonald (ECSE)

Agricultural Robots

Prof. Bruce MacDonald (ECSE);  Dr. Henry Williams (ECSE);  Dr Trevor Gee (ECSE), Dr Mahla Nejati (ECSE), David Smith (ECSE), Dr. Ho Seok Ahn (ECSE); JongYoon Lim (ECSE); Dr. Jamie Bell (ECSE)