Work by Peter Xu

• Actuation and force analysis
• Robotic model of biological system
• Allows
   • Food texture measurement
   • Processing for nutritional analysis
   • Human-robot comparisons
   • Analysis of chewing process

Pictures show a biologically inspired robotic model developed which employed actuators so that they represent the lines of muscle action of the adductor muscles in the human masticatory system. Bottom picture demonstrates human (blue) and robot (red) molar trajectories during chewing experiments. This device will be a useful tool to quantify texture in foods and provide standardised sample preparation  for nutritional analysis. Demonstrates how the translation of human trajectories to the robot influence the response to chewing. Reproduction of incisor trajectories are meaningless if break-down of the food on the molars is of interest.

Peters Xu’s research: Mechatronics Designing Intelligent Machines, Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Robotics, Sensing and Motion Control ,Knowledge Based Systems , Fuzzy Logic Control, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks.