Work by Minas Liarokapis

This research lies at the intersection of robotics and bionics. We are interested in equipping robots with dexterous manipulation capabilities and enabling humans to regain lost dexterity or augment their performance, modeling, designing and controlling new robotics and bionics hardware.

  • A New Family of Adaptive Hands
  • Robust Grasping
  • Dexterous, In-Hand Manipulation
  • Single-Grasp, Model-Free Object Identification
  • Modeling the Post-Contact Behaviour of Adaptive Hands
  • Soft, Adaptive Exogloves
  • Learning Schemes for EMG/EEG Based Interfaces
  • Teleoperation and Telemanipulation
  • Evaluating the Dexterity of Human and Robot Hands
  • Reconfigurable Drones for Package Delivery