Dec. 15 – 19, 2018

Muntinlupa, Philippines

Team NZ 2018

    Team NZ 2018 is the group of 31 students participate to the International Robot Olympiad 2018.

    The member of Team NZ 2018 are top ranked students of the New Zealand Robot Olympiad 2018.

    Team NZ got 6 Golds, 9 Silvers, 2 Bronzes, 11 Technical awards, and 7 Highly recommended awards.


Members of Team NZ 2018

Junior Group

    Ella Jihyeon Ahn (Forrest Hill Primary School)
    Yoonseo Lee (Takapuna Primary School)
    Young Min Ko (Newmarket Primary School)
    Jaeheon Woo (Sherwood primary school)
    Sejong Park (Campbells Bay School)
    SeungMin Lee (Kingsway School)
    Sihu An (Murrays Bay School)
    Heon Choi (Milford Primary School)
    Seohyeon Ahn (Forrest Hill Primary School)
    Junsu Park (Albany Junior High School)
    Euncheol Jeong (Takapuna Normal Intermediate School)
    Beilin Zhang (Sunnybrae Normal School)
    Botianci Yang (Hauriki Primary School)
    Aidan Mowyn Chan (Westminster Christan School)
    Lige Pang (Kristin School)
    Edward Raymond Gottschen (Kristin School)
    Zachary Dong (Westminster Christan School)
    Jiashuo Joshua Zhang (Greenhithe School)
    Yan Lin Wu (Silverdale School)
    Ronald Peng (Willow Park Primary School)

Challenge Group
    Hyun Seo Lee (Kristin School)
    Peter Myung Hoon Cheong (Kings College)
    Minwoo Lee (Rangitoto College)
    Hye Lin Kang (Rangitoto College)
    Seokhyun An (Rangitoto College)

    Daniel Sunghyun Shin (Kings School)
    Joey Sehan Back (Rangitoto College)
    Logan Yongyeon Cho (Pinehurst School)
    Tan Joo Park (Auckland Grammar School)
    Seung Choi (Westlake Boys’ High School)
    Jungwoon Choi (Murrays Bay Intermediate)

     Ho Seok Ahn (Team NZ Director)
    Nick Rew (Team NZ Technical Coach)
    Daniel Kim (Team NZ Technical Coach)

    Seol Hee Kim (Manager)


IRO 2018 Winners

Creative Robot 

​– Gold medal: Joey Sehan Back (Rangitoto College​)
Gold medal: ​Daniel Sunghyun Shin ​(Kings College​)
Gold medal: ​Logan Yongyeon Cho ​(Pinehurst School​)
Gold medal: Young Min Ko (Newmarket Primary School​)
Gold medal: Jaeheon Woo (Sherwood Primary School​)
Gold medal: Ella Jihyeon Ahn (Forrest Hill Primary School)​
Silver medal:​ Minwoo Lee (Rangitoto College​)
​Silver medal:​ Seokhyun Ahn (Rangitoto College​)
Silver medal:​ ​Hye Lin Kang​​ (Rangitoto College​)​
​Silver medal: Peter Cheong (Kings College​)
​Silver medal: Hyun Seo Lee (Kristin School​​)
Technical award: Joshua Zhang (Greenhithe School​)
Technical award: ​Yan Lin Wu (Silverdale School​)
Technical award: Ronald Peng ​(Willow Park Primary School​)
​Technical award: ​Edward Raymond Gottschen (Kristin School)
Technical award: ​​Lige Pang (Kristin School) 
Technical award: ​​Zachary Dong (Westminster Christan School)
Technical award: ​​Junsu Park (Albany Junior High School)
Technical award: ​Euncheol Jeong​ (Takapuna Normal Intermediate School​)
Technical award: Yoonseo Lee (Takapuna Primary School) 
Technical award: ​Sejong Park (Campbells Bay School​)
​– Technical award: ​SeungMin Lee ​(Kingsway School​)
Highly commended award: Zoe Seohyeon Ahn (Forrest Hill Primary School)
​– Highly commended award: ​Heon Choi (Milford Primary School)
​– Highly commended award: Sihu An (Murrays Bay School)
​– Highly commended award: ​Beilin Zhang (Sunnybrae Normal School​)
​– Highly commended award: ​Botianci Yang (Hauriki Primary School​)

Robot in Movie

​– Silver ​medal: Joey Sehan Back (Rangitoto College​)
Silver ​medal: ​Daniel Sunghyun Shin ​(Kings College​)
Silver medal: Euncheol Jeong​ (Takapuna Normal Intermediate School​)
Silver medal: ​Junsu Park ​(Albany Junior High School​)
Bronze medal: Beilin Zhang (Sunnybrae Normal School​)
Bronze medal: Botianci Yang (Hauriki Primary School​)
Highly commended award: Sihu An​ (Murrays Bay School​)
Highly commended award: Heon Choi​ (Milford Primary School​)



    NZ Robot Olympiad Association

    CILab (Creative Imagination Laboratory)

    The University of Auckland

    CARES (Centre for Automation and Robotic Engineering Science)

    Hi Well Charitable Foundation

    Barfoot & Thompson (Mairangi Bay Branch, Sunny Chae)