2018 Robot Soccer and Robot Olympiad

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Congratulations once again to Dr. Ho Seok Ahn and his team of helpers who organized the 2018 Robot Soccer and Robot Olympiad. These annual events attract students from all over New Zealand, and range from primary school aged children through to university students.


Robot soccer involved more than 100 students this year. The robotics research group team members led by Dr. Ahn ran 2-3 workshops each week to teach students about how to make robots play soccer games based on pre-programmed algorithms without any controls by humans.  The students get a chance to learn about the vision system, strategy system, and a robot system.

Robot Olympiad doubled its numbers to 100 participants, targeting our future engineering students from schools. The 2018 event produced excellent results, and some of the students who participated were selected to go to the International Robot Olympiad in the Philippines in December.


It is fantastic to see how enthusiastic these students are about learning robotics. If you or your school are interested in taking part – please follow the links or contact Dr. Ho Seok Ahn.



2018 Robot Soccer and Robot Olympiad

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