Are we future ready for Robotics?

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CARES at the Future Ready Summit 2019

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), recently undertook research to understand the future of work for Auckland, and on the 26th June, research findings, expertise and insight was shared with approx. 300 attendees at the Future Ready Summit.

“The benefit of the Future Ready Summit is that it provides a forum to foster connections between those already preparing their workplaces and workforces for the future and those that are just starting out and seeking guidance on their future ready journey.” Pam Ford, General Manager of Economic Development ATEED

“As New Zealand’s largest city, both in terms of population and size of the economy, Auckland’s economic performance has a significant impact on the economic success of the nation. “Our region’s future prosperity, and ultimately New Zealand’s, will be determined by how Auckland prepares for and adapts to technological transformation and workforce changes.”

The discussions around capability and skill building; technology and bridging the digital divide highlight the need for a co-ordinated response to new technologies such as Robotics. We believe that a Centre of Excellence focused on Robotics, Automation and Sensing will benefit NZ through ensuring that the exponential increase in advancements in robotics, automation and sensing are used to the benefit of New Zealand’s people and industries and their integration into society and operations is done on the basis of understanding. A NZ Centre of Excellence focused on Robotics, Automation and Sensing will assist in creation of the pipeline of RAS-skilled people who will be required by the workforce of tomorrow.

See our CARES robots and team featured here:


Are we future ready for Robotics?

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