MaaraTech is not just a robotics engineering project. Marama Muru-Lanning and Tia Dawes (James Henare Māori Research Centre) lead our Social Science research objectives, paving the way for greater engagement with Māori growers and workers. The social science aspects of this project aims to explore how Māori orchard, vineyard owners and orchard workers are anticipating the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) robotics technology in agriculture, and whether this aligns with Māori gardening practices and values more broadly, how technologies are adopted, and the effects of adoption within the industry.
Through co-design, we will ensure mātauranga Māori is part of the design and delivery of robotics technologies, reflecting the needs of grower communities.
MaaraTech is funded by the MBIE Endeavour fund.

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MaaraTech: authentic robotics co-design

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