Congratulations to our Multipurpose Orchard Robotics Team! Our recent paper: Robotic kiwifruit harvesting using machine vision, convolutional neural networks, and robotic arms, (submitted to Biosystems Engineering) has been shortlisted for consideration for a EurAgEng Outstanding Paper Award 2020.

The Awards are sponsored by the UK’s Society of Agricultural Engineers, IAgrE, which is the owner of the Journal.

• This paper has reported the design and performance of a novel robotic kiwifruit harvesting system.

• Detection rate of 89.6% of reachable kiwifruit with a deep network based vision system.

• Measurement of its in-orchard performance shows that it is capable of picking 51.0% of kiwifruit in the three test orchards.

• It is estimated that with further development the unit may be capable of harvesting 70% of the kiwifruit

EurAgEng Outstanding Paper Award 2020 – short listed paper

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